Teletubbies Hill is a tourist attraction in the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida, where this tourist attraction offers a very beautiful hill view, where the shape of the hill is shaped like hills in teletubbies films with round shapes and green grass, because the shape is similar to the shape of a hill in the teletubbies is film, the locals call this hill the name teletubbies hill. in this place the hill is not just one but there are several hills that are the same shape as the teletubies hill, truly a very beautiful and amazing scenery, suitable as a backdrop of photography. The green grass and cool atmosphere make this trip more enjoyable, Enjoy an incomparable view of the beauty of this place, our driver will always help you capture the moment with the camera in this place.

If you visit Teletubbies Hill, here's what you need to know

Location Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill or Bukit Teletubbies people call it. This teletubbies hill is located in Julingan hamlet, Tangglad village, Nusa Penida. With a very wide location in the hills, where when the rainy season arrives, these hills are very green and very beautiful to the eye, and are perfect as a photo background for those of you who like to capture the moment at every opportunity. This place is very popular among tourists who visit the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida, many who come here just to take pictures in the green and vast hills. When summer comes, these hills are unsightly because the grass is dry and barren, so if you plan to go here, please come near the rainy season, because the grass will look very green and very fresh. So it's very beautiful to be enjoyed by the eye that looks at it

History Name Teletubbies Hill

Before this hill was called Teletubbies Hill, this hill was called Gamal Hill by the locals here, because on this hill there used to be many Gamal trees that were used by local residents to feed their livestock such as cows, goats and pigs. Many local people work as animal breeders around the area, and come here every day to look for gamal trees to feed their livestock. Once upon a time there was a tourist who came here, while trekking in Nusa Penida, he saw the hills that were green and fertile at that time and took photos and uploaded them on the internet, and many said that they were similar to the hills in the children's film Teletubbies and called this place Teletubbies Hill, so that till now this places famous with name Teletubbies Hill. The name that is very suitable to be carried by Gamal Hill is due to the very wide expanse of hills and the mound of earth and green grass giving it a very beautiful charm.

Hill Shapes Similar Like Teletubbies House

If you look closely, these hills are indeed similar to the Eskimo House and Teletubbies House which are half the size of a ball in the hilly area of ​​Nusa Penida. The area of ​​​​the hills is about 25 km from the port of Kutampi village to the eastern hills, the hills are very wide, with a stretch of green grass that adds to the charm of this hill. It's no wonder that Teletubbies Hill is very famous among tourists visiting the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida. As for Teletubbies Hill, it is no different from other hills in Nusa Penida, all of which are thin limestone soils, what makes it interesting here is that there are lots of green trees on all of the hill mounds, giving a fresh, natural and soothing impression. The weather here is very hot, and green plants will only grow when the rainy season is coming. So we recommend coming during the rainy season around November to see the greenery of this teletubbies hill

Eastern Tourist Attraction of Teletubbies Hill

If there is no teletubbies TV series, then it is possible that this hill will not be called teletubbies hill but with the name Gamal Hill. Over time, with beautiful natural treats, there are mounds of green hills shaped like the outer shell of a coconut with valleys that add to the beauty of this hill, so the name Teletubbies hill does feel very appropriate to be given, the name becomes more familiar and trendy. As for if you travel to the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida and say Teletubbies Hill, then everyone will know where it is, because with a very trendy name, this tourist attraction becomes famous. Enjoy the vast expanse of green hills with a cool breeze that will make you feel comfortable, and very suitable for those of you who want to find peace of mind and healing in this place with a natural atmosphere as a remedy for the heart that misses nature

Tour Packages to Teletubbies Hill

If you want to visit Teletubbies Hill, we provide tour packages that are very suitable, besides visiting Teletubbies Hill you can also visit very famous tourist objects such as Diamond Beach, Tree House Molenteng and Atuh Beach, all of these attractions are located in the eastern part of Nusa penida, so when you travel east you can visit this place. The Bali East Nusa Penida Tour packages that we offer are all inclusive which includes a return fast boat ticket to Nusa Penida, shuttle from hotel to harbor, private transportation for tour in Nusa Penida and lunch with Indonesian food. Nusa penida always gives a deep impression to tourists who visit it and makes them want to visit again, we from Bali Tour are ready to take you here to experience the experience of visiting the paradise island of Nusa Penida and see the various unique beaches, hills and temples that are here, Once again, if you are on vacation on the island of Bali, don't forget to visit the enchanting island of Nusa Penida

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