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Bali Subak Museum is a museum of Balinese traditional agriculture tools and old documentation to remind all young generation about Subak Organization which has famous in the world. It is located in Sanggulan countryside, Kediri sub district and Tabanan regency precisely 20 Km west part of Denpasar town. This museum is opened for public and to be one of tourist destinations in Tabanan regency, west part of Bali. It is strategically located in Tabanan town and close with other tourist destinations in this regency. A tourist destination in Tabanan village to see a museum about ancient agriculture in Bali from agricultural tools, famous irrigation systems such as irrigation can be seen here. Very suitable for those of you who want to know more about the agricultural system in this beloved island of Bali, a visit to the Bali Subak Museum will increase your knowledge about agricultural tools and systems.

If you visit Subak Museum , here's what you need to know

Bali Subak Museum Location

The location of the subak museum is located in the village of Sanggulan, Kediri District and Tabanan Regency, if you drive from Kuta or Seminyak it will take about 90 minutes of travel, it is a bit far, but for those of you who like agriculture, the distance will not be a problem. It is a very impressive experience to see the ancient agricultural process on the island of Bali with all its uniqueness and still using the traditional system. We from Bali Tour are ready to take you to the experience of seeing this subak museum from a variety of unique traditional systems in agriculture that can be seen here, by offering Bali Car Charter at low prices and satisfying service and also accompanied by an experienced driver will make your trip be so much fun. Visiting the Subak museum is a very good thing for those of you who are very curious about the agricultural system on this very beautiful island of Bali.

Bali Subak Museum History

Tabanan regency is one of the regencies in Bali own the widest rice field, so that frequently this regency is called by the Rice Barn of Bali Island. Sanggulan countryside has been choose as a place of Subak Museum because considering that Subak Rijasa in this regency that in year 1979 have reached the National Champion in Intensification Program that lifting Bali's name in the national level. Beside of that Tabanan regency owns more Subak Organization if it is compared with other regencies. The development of Subak Museum is inspirited by intention of all Balinese culture lovers. This museum is expected to preserve Subak as a local cultural asset which have meritorious in developing and improving agricultural rice field production, especially rice and traditional irrigation system. This system is very famous in foreign countries because own the similar irrigating system like Fai in Thailand and Zangera in Philippine with the chasm and its specification do not like Subak which is existing in Bali. Subak is wet farm farmer organization to get the water irrigation from the sources.

What to See in Bali Subak Museum ?

Subak Museum is consisted of the closed and opened building. The closed building is consisted of the exhibition stand where we can meet the demonstration of the object related to farmer work, visual audio building narrating the Subak activities in its bearing with the water irrigation management, library and office. Open building is the visualization of Subak demonstration in mini form which is consisted of a pool as relocation place of irrigation, a tunnel to flow the water from pool to the water relocation. The objects and farmer equipments are displayed in the exhibition building is the equipments and object are arranged in a such manner from the equipment for the opening of agriculture farm, making the irrigation items, farm processing, crop conservation, harvesting, making rice and kitchen equipments. It is not different from other museums in Bali that Subak Museum in Sanggulan countryside has the following function:

  • As a center of the erudite investigation and documentation
  • As a place of science channeling
  • Cultural acquaintanceship place
  • Medium place to introspect the human being
  • Place of mirroring the human being history
  • Place to enjoy the art and culture object generally
  • Subak Museum is definetely one of the most interesting museums in Bali. It is located in Sanggulan village two km east of Tabanan. The Subak Museum houses exhibits on the history and development of Bali's unique Subak irrigation organization. This is the only museum in Bali to focus on agriculture, provides all information on agricultural life of Bali and all its related aspects.
  • As its name suggest the main display in Subak Museum is the miniature of Subak which provides series of pictures of development of a Subak from finding a wellspring, creating tunnels and dams, channeling water through tunnels and dams to managing the water in the rice fields. Displays of farming implements for cutting, cleaning and pounding rice; tools for leveling land, ploughing, weeding, and digging water tunnels; various fish traps; tweezers for catching eels, wooden net used to catch dragonflies, and all implements in relation with Subak activities can be found here.

Agricultural Film at Subak Museum

In the subak museum, there are also various fendek films about the agricultural system on the island of Bali from the irrigation system which includes irrigation from various existing rice fields, the rice planting system and the rice harvesting system, all of which still use traditional tools, you can see the documentary here, to add your insight about agriculture on the island of Bali. The Subak Museum provides a film which describes the process of handling the agricultural land. This process consists of various activities, from the meeting of Subak members to arrange the Subak rules to cultivating the land up to expressing gratitude to God for a good harvest. The museum also shows the variety of ceremonies commonly conducted at various stages of the cultivation cycle. There are also a miniature of kitchen with utensils used for cooking rice, a scale model of traditional house compounds which is built based on ancient architectural science of Asta Kosali Kosali.

Subak Museum Consist of Collections of Irrigation System

For the visitors who want to get further information on Subak, a library with complete collection of books, palm leaves manuscripts and carved copper plates concerning with the Subak is at your service. The collections mainly deals with variety of rituals held at every stage of cultivation cycle, method of farming and auspicious days to start activities including their abstinences. The library not just houses collections in relation with Subak (irrigated field) but also provides complete collection of literature on Subak Abian(non-irigated ricefield). Subak Museum not just gives complete information on Subak but also provides an image on how deeply rice farming intertwines inextricably with daily life of Balinese as well as with Balinese culture and religion.

Facilities at Subak Museum

As for being one of the tourist destinations for the museum in Tabanan, having qualified facilities is a must, where the facilities in this subak museum are quite complete and will make you feel at home for a long time in this place. With all the beauty and uniqueness found in Subak, the museum becomes very enjoyable. very spacious parking facilities so you don't have to worry anymore about finding a parking space, good and clean toilet facilities are here, so you don't have to hesitate at all if you feel like peeing, there is a drink shop in front of the museum that you can buy when you're thirsty. the facilities are good enough to pamper you in visiting the only agricultural museum in this tabanan village, you can find out more about agricultural knowledge on the island of Bali

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