Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency; around 3 km from the famous Nusa Dua area and Uluwatu Temple. In the past, this beach was hidden behind hill so it was called Secret Beach. Secret Beach actually had known well by some tourists. However, the difficult access to this location made this beach was empty. The visitors of this beach were only a few foreign surfers or domestic tourists. Fortunately, the local government of Badung Regency realized the potential of this beach and quickly managed this beach then launched it as a new mainstay attraction. The result can now be felt such as a better access heading to the beach which is now become more convenient for any vehicles. Pandawa Beach has a stunning panorama with serene and quiet atmosphere. When entering the beach area, we will be amazed by beautiful panorama of high cliff, flanking the road along 1.5 km. The road is purposively built through limestone hills in Kutuh Village

If you visit Pandawa Beach, here all you need to know

Pandawa Beach Location

As for the location of Pandawa Beach, it is located in the south Bali islands, precisely in the village of Kutuh, Pecatu, Badung, Bali. The location is not so difficult to find, if you drive from the Kuta area it will take about 45 minutes provided the road is not so congested. Along the intersection there are directions to get to this pandawa beach, so you won't be confused to find the location. If you don't want to bother driving, you can use our services to take you to this Pandawa beach with very cheap transportation prices and very satisfying service and accompanied by an experienced driver will make the trip even more enjoyable. Pandawa beach is also close to the Water Blow tourist destination where you can see the waves hitting the rocks here. If you visit the island of Bali, it would be nice if you visit this pandawa beach with all its beauty and uniqueness making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in south Bali islands.

Pandawa Beach History

Formerly, Pandawa Beach is a hidden and secret beach that was very difficult to access due to located in the deep valley and surrounded by the white stone cliff. We must go through a small step down on the cliff with dangerous valley underneath and the only local people can access the beach since they were own daily job as fishermen and seaweed farmer. But today, the old story was changed. Since local people have the great inspiration to build their village, they work together to break the cliff and make the good road and can be accessed by any vehicles. Since the access is created, many visitors from foreign country either domestic visit this beach every day. Now pandawa beach has access to the beach more easily, on the way to the beach you can see left and right are limestone cliffs that are split and access is made to this beach, a very enchanting sight

Panca Pandawa Statue at Pandawa Beach

The Pandawa Beach name is taken from the name of 5 big brothers at Mahabaratha epochconsisted of Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Sahadewa and Nakula. This story had inspired the Balinese Hindu social life those are reflecting their cultures. This statue is 5 or better known as the 'Panca Pandawa Statue'. Each statue is placed on the hill that has been perforated. Five Pandavas named Bima, Yudhisthira, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. As for this story, it is taken from the story of the Mahabharata, formerly these five brothers were locked up in the Gala-Gala Cave. To save yourself, with a very hard effort. The five Pandavas made a tunnel that led to a wilderness. In this forest then they founded a kingdom called Amertha led by Yudhisthira as king. This story is used by the local community in naming this beach. The name 'Pandava' is taken from the story of the Mahabharata which was inspired by the story of the Five Pandavas who managed to turn the wilderness into a great kingdom. Similar to the story of this pandawa beach where once this beach was very difficult to access because it was hidden behind a cliff, and finally access was made to split the cliff that could go directly to the beach, the story is similar to the story of the five pandavas, so that's why a statue of the five pandavas was made on this beach to remember the struggle to reach the beach

Pandawa Beach Bali | Bali Golden Tour
Pandawa Beach Bali | Bali Golden Tour
Pandawa Beach Bali | Bali Golden Tour

White Sand Pandawa Beach

When entering the area of Pandawa Beach, you will be made astonished by beautiful view in front of you. The sand in this beach is so white and clean which is combined with a background of turquoise sea. The ambience is still quiet, serene, and clean. There are no garbages, and if there is any, those are only the remains of seaweed brought by the wave. This beach is very suitable for swimming because the wave and current is not so strong. A very clean beach with white sand always invites foreign tourists to enjoy the beauty of the Panca Pandawa beach which was formerly known as Secret Beach. White beaches have always been the target of beach lovers because with white sand the atmosphere of sunbathing on the beach will be more fun. Here on Pandawa beach with white sand, you will feel at home for long here with a wide view of the beach that will complete this Pandawa white sand beach adventure.

Paragliding at Pandawa Beach

Various activities can be done in this beach for example playing sand or sunbathing. Because of its geographical location in the east of Bali Island, we can see the amazing sunrise panorama in this beach, there is also an interesting recreation activity around this area which is called Paragliding. If the weather is fine and the wind is quite strong, you can see or try this activity directly. The location for starting this activity is actually not in Pandawa Beach, but in Timbis Hill which is not too far from this beach. Usually, this paragliding activity is done in day or afternoon time, if the weather meets the requirements. While you are paragliding, you will be able to see the true beauty of Pandawa Beach from the height. Don’t worry if you are a newbie or even a first-timer, because a training centre and instructors are available if needed. If you are interested in trying paragliding, you can go to Timbis Hill which is only a few kilometers away from Pandawa Beach.

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