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Bali Lovina Beach Is Beautiful Beach With Famous Dolphin Attraction with Calm Sea Water and Blackish Chromatic Sand

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Bali Lovina Beach is one of the best beaches in the northern area of ​​​​the island of Bali, with gray sand and clear water making Lovina beach never deserted by foreign and domestic tourists. What has become very popular on Lovina Beach is the attraction to see dolphins in the wild using traditional boats driven by local residents here will take you to the middle of the sea to see dolphins, besides dolphins this beach is also often visited in the afternoon the day when many tourists come here to see the beauty of the sunset and see the sunset process is indeed a sensation that will never be forgotten. An experience that may not be forgotten to visit one of the best beaches in the northern part of the island of Bali with all its beauty and uniqueness will make it hard to forget Lovina Beach is very suitable to be included in your tourist list if you are on vacation in Bali

If you visit Lovina Beach, here's what you need to know

Lovina Beach Location

Lovina Beach is officially located in Kalibukbuk area and covering some countryside like Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan and Kalibukbuk countryside. Kalibugbug countryside it self is located in Buleleng sub district, meanwhile the Kaliasem and Temukus countryside are located in Banjar sub district where it both of them are belong to Buleleng regency. The eastern countryside is called Pemaron about 5 Km west of Singaraja, and the western countryside is Temukus about 12 Km west of Singaraja. If you drive from Kuta, Seminyak or Ubud it will take you 2.5 hours to drive through the Bedugul route which passes through tourist destinations, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Iconic Handara Gate and Gitgit Waterfall, you can visit these tourist destinations on the way to Lovina or back from lovina, because it is located on the main route to lovina beach.

Lovina Beach History

There are no clear sources or evidence hit the name of Lovina genesis. Pursuant to the reference of the children from Anak Agung Panji Tisna, the clan of famous Buleleng King that the name of Lovina is given by him which is located in Kaliasem countryside, where at the first time he build a bungalow as a resort. He said that the name of Lovina is taken away from a name of small hotel in India that is lafeina whereabouts he stayed and write the book with the title of Ni Ketut Widhi. In memory of the hotel name, hence the ownership lands give the Lovina name. But there is also other version that is Lovina Name is given caused by its 2 Santen trees are planted by him and grow embracing each other. In this case Lovina is coming from Latin Language that mean is loving each other or love. Then Lovina's name is interpreted as abbreviation from Love and Ina and it is interpreted as Love to Indonesia .

Tourism in North Bali

Many date the advent of modern tourism in Bali with the opening of the Hotel Bali Beach in 1963. Taking the lead from that “sky scraping” structure, small hotels, inns and restaurants soon began to take root across the Island. In 1970, Bali’s new Ngurah Rai Airport began formal operations. Sensing opportunities afoot, the provincial government of Buleleng took early seminal steps to obtain its share or Bali’s tourist market. After disappearing from popular usage for nearly a decade, the name of Lovina to designate the sub-districts of Buleleng and Banjar came back into vogues in the 1990s. Lovina today includes the beaches at Binaria, Banyualit, Kubu Gembong, Hepi, Rukad Cebol, Temukus and Penimbangan. The simple dream of Panji Tisna in the 1950s to create an attractive international tourism beach destination in North Bali lives on today as Lovina continues to welcomes thousands of visitors each year

Lovina is Center of Tourism Activities

The centre of activities in Lovina area is located 10 Km from Singaraja town. Nowadays, Lovina area is becoming the center of tourism activities in north part of Bali and offer many kind of accommodations, restaurants, bars, beach activities, art shops, bank, transportations etc. The accommodations in this area are a available from the star hotel class until small hotel even the home stay for the low budget travelers. As a tourist area and center of tourism in Singaraja, Lovina get the biggest visit from tourist who visiting north part of Bali . It is estimated by 90% from tourist who pay a visit to north part of Bali will in Lovina. So it can be said that Lovina Beach and its surroundings are very popular among foreign and domestic tourists, it can be seen from the many hotels that are here and the many activities that are here as well. All tourism activities and activities in North Bali are centered in Lovina which is the center of tourism

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Lovina Beach Sunset

A sight that may not be forgotten, namely enjoying the beautiful view of the sunset on Lovina Beach, an experience that you may not forget. In the afternoon you can go to lovina beach and sit on the beach or also sit at the cafe here and while enjoying a cold drink you can look out over the ocean and see the process of the sunset which is so beautiful in our eyes and enjoy the process of its descent the sun disappears from our sight, a sight that cannot be put into words, something that is very fantastic, spectacular and very instagrammable if used as a photo, for those of you who like to take photos, then the view of the sunset on lovina beach can be used as an option, if you happen to visit lovina beach and see the beautiful sunset, you will be need to stay overnight in the lovina area, because the distance from the city center is like kuta, seminyak is very far away, so it's better to stay overnight and see the sunset

Lovina Beach Sunrise

In addition to the beauty of the sunset on Lovina Beach, there is also a beautiful sunrise that you can see from Lovina Beach, a sight that may not be forgotten at all, most tourists see the sunrise when doing activities to see dolphins in the morning. A very spectacular sight in your life's journey to see very beautiful natural scenery, for those of you who like to take pictures, then besides sunsets you can take photos of sunrises on Lovina beach. Natural scenery is never boring and will always be very memorable, especially seeing this sunrise view, seeing the change of time from night to morning and seeing the sun travel from bottom to top and enjoy the process every second so that it will create an atmosphere that may not be expressed by words, a natural phenomenon that is very beautiful and very beautiful

Species Dolphin at Lovina Beach

The type of dolphin that lives on the Lovina coast is the Bottlenose Dolphins, whose Latin name is (Tusiops Trucatus) is the most common species of dolphin seen and known to people because its habitat is in warm waters around the world and can be found in almost all waters except in the arctic ocean and the southern ocean because there the waters are cold. The color of this dolphin is gray which varies from dark gray at the top near the dorsal fin and to light gray to whitish at the bottom. The color of this dolphin is very camouflaged where when viewed from above it will not be visible and when viewed from under the sea it will not be visible too, besides that Bottlenose Dolphins have a length of between 2 to 4 meters and a weight of 150 to 650 kilograms. The dolphins are a type of fish that are very protected at all, on the coast of Lovina dolphins are very protected, because it is the livelihood of local residents who bring tourists to see this beautiful animal by boat.

Lovina Beach Dolphin Attraction

Lovina beach is famous for its dolphin tours, here you can see dolphins swimming freely looking for food in the middle of the beach, and this opportunity is used by fishermen to take guests to see these very cute dolphins. A very rare sight where you can see these cute fish jumping above the sea surface in groups in search of fish, enjoy the sensation of riding a traditional boat in the morning, besides seeing dolphins you can see the sunrise from the boat, a sight which is very sensational, so it will make you so fascinated by the natural beauty that is very amazing at all. The boat captains will be on standby at lovina beach in the morning, if by chance you want to explore yourself to lovina beach, you can come in the morning before 6 o'clock and here many boat captains offer their services to see the sights of dolphins in the middle of the sea, equipped with life jacket as a safety that will make you feel very comfortable, so the atmosphere to see dolphins is very fun

Watching Dolphin at Lovina beach | Traditional Boat Lovina Dolphin | Bali Golden Tour

Why Dolphin Attraction in Morning Time

When talking about dolphin tourism, surely the answer is lovina beach, because only here we can see dolphins in the wild and there are so many dolphin habitats here, so once you see you can see a bunch of dolphins swimming here and there in groups, a sensation which will not be easily forgotten by you. The dolphin tour is carried out in the morning. Why morning?, why not afternoon?. This question is often asked, the answers we can summarize based on our experience doing the Bali Lovina Dolphin Tour are as follows and this is also based on the narrative of the boat captain Lovina who often brings guests to see dolphins on Lovina beach

  1. Because in the morning the weather on lovina beach is not so hot, so traveling by boat to go to the sea becomes very cool and will not make you feel hot in the middle of the sea, even though there is a cloth roof on the boat it will still feel hot during the day . So mostly done in the morning
  2. to see the view of the sunrise from the middle of the sea, the view of the sun rising from the middle of the sea is a very amazing sensation, and seeing the view of the sunrise surely everyone will like to see it, especially the resulting scenery is very instagramable.
  3. because the dolphins are still on the beach in the morning after they rest at night, and start their morning activities heading to the middle of the sea to look for food, so this opportunity is used by the boat captains to take guests to see dolphins swimming in the sea.
  4. if it is daytime, the dolphins are already far in the middle of the sea, and because the boat used is a traditional boat, it will not be able to reach to the middle of the deep sea, and besides that, the fuel oil for the propeller engine will not be sufficient to travel all the way to the middle of the deep sea

So most of the dolphin watching attractions are done in the morning and also in the morning you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise which is very beautiful, and also in the morning the weather is not so hot so you will not overheat on the way to see dolphins, accompanied by The friendly boat captains will make this dolphin tour very enjoyable, as for the duration of watching the dolphin attraction, it usually lasts 2 hours from the start from the beach. An unforgettable experience while spending time in Bali by watching dolphins on Lovina beach which is very beautiful and very beautiful.

What You Can Do at lovina beach

Lovina Beach always offers something that is very memorable in the hearts of tourists who visit here, always giving positive feedback on the beauty of this Lovina beach. And most tourists will return to lovina in their next vacation, it can be said that lovina beach is a magnet for tourists to visit the northern area of ​​the island of Bali which is very charming with many tourist destinations that are no less beautiful than other tourist destinations on the island of Bali. if you are on vacation in Bali, it would be nice to visit Lovina beach with all its beauty and uniqueness. There are several things you can do on Lovina Beach, such as:

  1. Dolphin Tour: This attraction is one of the most famous on the Lovina beach, and in the morning many tourists come to see these dolphins every day, an activity that is very fun, especially for children it will make it happy to know the habitat and behavior of this dolphin
  2. Snorkeling: In addition to dolphins, Lovina Beach is also famous for its underwater beauty which is still very natural, where many tourists who after watching dolphins will continue to enjoy snorkeling on this beautiful and beautiful coral reef and also see the beauty of the sea. colorful sea fish here
  3. Swimming: You can enjoy swimming here with water that is still very clear, it will make swimming activities very enjoyable, and here there is a changing room that you can use if you want to swim, enjoy the sensation of swimming on a very charming beach in the area. north of the island of Bali
  4. Sunset: Enjoying the sunset view may be one of the most frequent activities for tourists to do on Lovina Beach, with a very beautiful view of the sun, it will make you feel very calm, it is a very rare experience to see the sunset on Lovina Beach.
  5. Take pictures: Besides that, you can also take pictures on Lovina beach with photo spots that are no less beautiful, such as taking pictures with the beach and jukung as the background, taking pictures at the dolphin statue in the parking area, an activity that is very suitable for those of you who like to take photos because on lovina beach offers a beautiful spot
  6. Chill: In addition, on Lovina Beach there are many cafes lined up selling food and drinks for you, so you can sit at the cafe here while looking at the stunningly beautiful sea view and accompanied by star beer drinks will add to the excitement in spending time at lovina beach

Lovina Beach Facilities

As one of the centers of tourism activities in the northern area of ​​Bali, Lovina Beach has very complete facilities compared to other areas, this is because so many tourists feel at home on this Lovina beach. There is a very large parking lot available on this lovina beach, so tourists don't have to worry anymore to find a parking space, there are public toilets that you can use here, besides that there are many restaurants and cafes on the beach if you are interested in enjoying the beautiful sunset here, and also you can swim on this lovina beach by enjoying the beautiful sea water. Very complete facilities are intended for visitors who are expected to return to Lovina Beach in the upcoming holidays. So what are you waiting for, immediately enter this Lovina beach into your list of tourist destinations on the island of Bali

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