Devil Tears Lembongan

Devil Tears Lembongan Is Tourist Attraction For See The Amazing View of Wave Crashing The Rock Cliff at Nusa Lembongan Islands

Devil Tears Lembongan | Nusa Lembongan Islands | Bali Golden Tour

Devil Tears Lembongan is a very unique tourist destination where we will see the view of the big waves hitting the rocks that make a loud sound and a lot of water splashing onto the mainland which makes the sensation of seeing very pleasant as well as creating a feeling of fear located on the island of Nusa Lembongan. A tourist destination that is somewhat similar to the Water Blow tourist destination in Nusa Dua, namely the view to see the waves hitting the rocks. A tourist destination may look very different from other tourist destinations, here we will see a very unusual natural phenomenon, and in nusa lembongan in the devil tears area the waves are indeed very big, and when they hit the rock they make a sound which is very hard and also a lot of splashes of water that arise from the crash of the waves

If you visit Devil Tears Lembongan, here's what you need to know

Devil Tears Location

The location of the Devil Tears tourist destination is located on the island of Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung Regency. Located on 3 very famous small islands (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan), a very beautiful island with many phenomenal natural attractions. To reach the location of this devil tears, you will need sea transportation to get to the island, namely fast boat transportation that you can use at the port of sanur, as for the fast boat trip to nusa lembongan from the port of sanur about 40 minutes and the distance from the port of nusa Lembongan to Devil Tears takes about 30 minutes to travel by motorbike or car. If you don't want to explore here yourself, you can take one of our tour packages, namely Bali Nusa Lembongan Islands Tour which will visit Devil Tears and also several other tourist destinations that are no less interesting, so what are you waiting for, contact us immediately and we will take you to see the beauty and uniqueness of this Devil Tears Lembongan tourist destination

Devil Tears History

As for the history of devil tears located in the village of jungut batu, nusa lembongan, where this place used to be called "Batu Blek" which is based on stories from local residents who live here, if the name batu blek comes from this place which was formerly used as a place for raising cows, where once many local residents brought their cows here to forage around the rock cliffs. The meaning of the word Batu Blek is derived from the word "Batu" which means "Stone" and the word "Blek" which means "Dung", where in this place there are many rocks and also cow dung, but now because it is designated as one of the tourist destinations then you will not see cows here, but the cows are raised in a certain place by the locals and also so that the cows are not disturbed by the bustle of visiting tourists. And this devil tears tourist destination was first discovered by tourists who went around Nusa Lembongan and saw that the view of the waves hitting the rocks here was very beautiful, so tourists uploaded it on social media, so many tourists were curious and headed here, which finally made this Devil Tears tourist destination very famous and the local government made this place one of the tourist destinations on the island of Nusa Lembongan.

Devil Tears Lembongan | Nusa Lembongan Islands | Bali Golden Tour
Devil Tears Lembongan | Nusa Lembongan Islands | Bali Golden Tour
Devil Tears Lembongan | Nusa Lembongan Islands | Bali Golden Tour

Devil Tears Name History

The name "Devil's Tears" was first named by the tourists who visited here, who saw the ferocity of the waves here very scary, a sight that makes you feel a little scared when you see the waves so big hitting the rocks with a sound The boom was so loud and the big splashes of water made the scene so pleasant as well as terrifying, so this place was called Devil's Tears, and since then word of mouth and many mentions have been made on social media, thus making this place called Devil's Tears until now. now. In our opinion, the name given is very suitable, with the ferocity of the waves that are so big and the sound produced when they hit the rocks like the sound of crying and splashing water that spreads like tears, so the word devil's tears deserves to be pinned on a tourist destination that is phenomenally beautiful. and this unique. And you can only see this tourist destination on the island of Nusa Lembongan, so if you want to visit this place, don't forget to contact us Bali Tour who will provide satisfactory service in visiting the beauty of this tourist destination on the island of Nusa Lembongan.

Devil Tears Watching Sensation

The sensation of seeing the view of the waves hitting the rocks here is very pleasant, especially for people who are here for the first time will feel very amazed and at the same time goosebumps seeing the magnitude of the waves that come and hit the edge of the rocks here. A very rare experience in seeing natural phenomena that are so incredibly amazing. When the waves come the sea water will feel a little high and with the force of the sea water so great it hits the rocks and makes a very loud sound and the splash of sea water reaches the land and the sea water calms down for a while and repeats again a few moments later, this continues continuously, so that you will never get bored to see this sight, an experience that may never be forgotten in your lifetime when you visit the Devil's Tears tourist destination which is phenomenally beautiful. The view of these waves only occurs when the sea waves are big, and mostly in the afternoon during sunset time the sea water will recede and the waves in this place will be small so it will not cause rock crashes, the waves will be calm and the view becomes very beautiful for see sunset here, most tourists spend time to see the sunset here in afternoon. You can see this view in the space provided and do not look from the rock cliffs because it is very dangerous, so see this view of the waves from the place provided, so the atmosphere becomes very safe and comfortable

Devil Tears Dangerous

The Devil's Tears tourist destination is indeed very beautiful and amazing, but behind this beauty, there is a very fatal danger if you ignore the rules when visiting this tourist destination. Here a dividing line has been installed around the cliff of Devils Tears, which is expected that tourists will obey the rules when visiting this very dangerous tourist destination. Where the force of the waves hitting the rocks here is very large, so it is hoped that you do not stand or be on the edge of this rock, because the waves can hit you with great force and drag you under the sea, there have been several incidents where tourists ignore the appeal from the guides here who told them not to get too close to the cliff which ended up being very fatal. So it is hoped that when you visit Devil Tears, do not stand or be near this rock cliff, but be in the gazebo provided here, from here you can see the scenery very clearly, because the gazebo is rather high, so seeing the waves coming is quite very clear. Devil tears tourist destinations will always impress us with the phenomena that are given, a very rare sight when spending time during holidays on the island of Bali.

Devil Tears Facilities

The facilities at Devil's Tears are very complete, as one of your tourist destinations on the island of Nusa Penida has very complete supporting facilities, so that it will make tourists feel very comfortable when visiting this Devil's Tears tourist destination. There is a very large parking lot, so you don't need to be confused anymore if you are looking for a parking space, because it is already available and very spacious, there are toilet facilities that you can use here, and there are also several small shops selling snacks and cold drinks around devil tears, besides that there is also a gazebo as a place to see the beautiful scenery of the devil tears waves. A very qualified facility for you to see this very beautiful and amazing natural phenomenon, so what are you waiting for, visit the island of Nusa Lembongan and see various very beautiful tourist destinations such as Devil Tears and other tourist destinations that are no less interesting like the Mangrove Forest Lembongan and Yellow Bridge Lembongan . An unforgettable sensation to visit the island of Nusa Lembongan during your holiday on the island of Bali

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