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Bali Badung Market is a center of town's economics which is located in Gajah Mada Street, that is main road and become a shopping centre of Bali. This traditional market is apposite to the village temple that is one of three biggest temples in Denpasar. Badung Market is the largest market in Bali and acts as a sort of clearing house for many island goods. Sarong vendors in Padangbai may buy their wares at Badung Market. Fruit and vegetable producers from around Bali may bring their goods to market at Badung Market, so the market is humming with activity 24/7. You can visit this Badung Market anytime, because it is open 24 hours, and there are sessions for store that sell here, if you are looking for basic necessities or souvenirs, it is recommended morning to evening, and from afternoon to evening there is a Senggol market which where to sell street food with Balinese characteristics

All you need to know Badung Market

Inside Badung Market

Badung Market does not as big as like now because have changed experiences and modification which is adapting to the requirement and town growth. Badung Market cannot be discharged from the existence of an existing market in the cross Badung's river that is called Kumbasari Market because the local society will feel incompletely go for shopping if they are not come to Kumbasari Market, due in kumbasari sell most item for ceremony using, specially for the Balinese who want to buy the ceremony items.
Around the ground floor areas of Badung Market, especially outside the stairwells, one can observe older Balinese ladies preparing and selling traditional Balinese snack foods, complete with ground chili's, vegetables and and array of other items. You may not know exactly what you're eating but it could be a wonderful experience and one that will not break the bank.
Inside the first floor is reserved for meat, fish, fruit and veg. The upper floors for spices and traditional Balinese and Muslim attire, Denpasar has a decent sized Muslim population, and they sell in the market too, along with Chinese traders. Also sold are Balinese ceremonial equipment such as sarongs, umbrellas and baskets. You might see the odd westerner here, but by no means is this a tourist destination.
Badung Market has plenty of parking area, however the entrance at Jl. Sulawesi may seem a little hectic. Parking is also found along the streets leading away from the market. Some people have reported that local women offer their services as ‘guides' but this does not seem to be the rule. You do not need a guide to explore Badung market and wandering around by yourself is truly an education in Balinese culture and commerce.

Badung Market History

The Badung Market was historically called the Badung Market because it was located on the Badung River, so it was called the Badung Market. Where the Badung River is the largest river in Denpasar, which stretches long from the bottom of Mount Batur to the Suwung Beach. The longest river in Bali. This market has existed since the colonial era by the Dutch, where this place used to be called the Periuk Market because there are many pottery craftsmen from Binoh village, Ubud Bali who sell various kinds of pottery ranging from pane, gebeh, stoneware, piggy banks and caratan are also available here. During the era of independence, the Periuk Market changed its name to the Badung Market that we know today. Badung Market is opened on 24 April 1984 by Bali 's Governor, Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra. Then after experiencing of the fire accident, it has been repaired in year 2000 at that moment Bali 's Governor is Mr. Dewa Made Berata. This market owns the broadness about 14.544 M² and broadly park 9064 M² which is built in four floors. The local people who go for shopping at this market are not only from environment of Denpasar community but also come from outside of town. The moment before the big holiday like Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi and others, this market is always crowded by the buyer which are most of them the local society.

Kumbasari Market

Kumbasari Market is currently undergoing a gradual revitalization. Kumbasari Market is a traditional market and center for selling art items that has been around since 1977. was initiated as a center for traditional souvenirs because it has a history of economic development in Denpasar City. In fact, this four-story building previously contained a cinema on the top floor which was famous in the era of the 1980-1990s. Kumbasari market is located next to the badung market where it is only separated by the badung river, where now the river is arranged in such a way, so that visitors to this badung market can enjoy the beauty of the badung river and can be used as a place for photos for those of you who really like selfies. Kumbasari more sellers sell goods such as ceremonial needs such as traditional Balinese clothes, prayer utensils and other equipment, But now there are many sellers who sell various arts crafts that are specifically for sale to tourists, many knick-knacks that you can get at very cheap prices here. If you happen to visit Denpasar, you can stop by this Kumbasari market to see souvenirs or handicrafts sold here. Most people after going from Badung market to buy basic food needs, they will stop by Kumbasari market to just see if there is something that catches their attention to buy. Kumbasari cannot be separated from the Badung market, a distinctive feature where two markets are only separated by a river and are always crowded with buyers.

Badung Market | Kumbasari Market | Bali Golden Tour

Digital Market Badung Market

Since the occurrence of several fires that hit Badung Market, which finally has carried out several renovations in this Badung market in terms of buildings in the traditional form into a modern building form with multi-storey buildings like supermarkets. For some transactions, there are still some traditional ones with a bargaining system and some apply a fixed price. And as technology advances, the Badung market has implemented a barcode system with QR Code services so that buyers who want to buy goods in a non-cash way can be more practical. There is a free wifi spot in this badung market, so that visitors can use the internet and are always connected to the internet for non-cash transactions that will be applied at all store here and digital scales are provided in this market so there is no cheating. No wonder the Badung market is often lined up as a very sophisticated market, because they have implemented technology that is very capable of helping customers or traders when they want to do buying and selling activities. That way, they no longer need to be bothered when buying the things they want.

Badung Market Opening Time

Badung market is basically open 24 hours, where the shops here alternately open, so that this market is never empty for 24 hours, and in the morning most shops are open selling various kinds of food and clothing needs, and at night most shops are open selling various food called senggol market. But if you want to look for souvenir needs, you can visit in the morning until the afternoon, because the shop that sells these needs is not open at night. Badung Market is opened at 5 o'clock in the morning and close at 5 o'clock in the evening. Then, it is changed by the evening market opened from 05:00 pm until at 05:00 am the day after. Meanwhile at Senggol Market in Kumbasari is opened at 02:00 pm and closed at 11:30 pm. The unique of Senggol Market's name is possibility taken away from the situation and condition of people movement on shopping where they each others jog because of visitor denseness. This Senggol Market is selling the variety of food, from the cheap Balinese, Javanese and Chinese cookery. It is also sell the various types of clothes from adult until children one.

Badung Market Location

Badung Market is encircled by shop along the street of Gajah Mada, in the right side there is Sulawesi Street which is famous of cloth items. Denpasar Traditional Market is progressively strengthening the identity of a center of Denpasar's economics which is opened within 24 hours and never silent by visitor. It is located in a massive four storey building on the banks of the Badung river in the center of downtown, close to Jl. Gajah Mada. Organized chaos reigns outside, with cars and motorbikes trying to find a place to park, people carrying bushels of produce of every kind imaginable. Come in the morning and check out the food vendors. To enter Badung Market, you don't need to pay any entrance fee because anyone can enter this market for free. However, there is still a vehicle parking fee that you have to pay especially if you bring your own vehicle

Things To Do at Badung Market

Badung Market Always be excellent if you want to visit the market, with the breadth of the Badung market with a very complete variety of goods here, making this place one of the most popular tourist objects in Denpasar, whether to see market activities full of bustle of seller transactions and buyers and even just visiting to see the beauty of the local people's social activities here. The activities that you can do at the Badung market are:

  1. Buying Souvenirs: Badung market is a very complete market, here there are many souvenirs that you can buy, and if you want to buy souvenirs you can go to Kumbasari Market which is located opposite this market, at a price which is relatively cheap and there are complete souvenirs that are here will make you feel comfortable to choose what you want.
  2. Photography: for those of you who really like photography activities, then this Badung market tourist attraction is very suitable, with very natural photo results where there are many community activities in the market passing by here, will produce photos that are very natural and full of meaning where you can see people's activities in the market by just looking at the photos you produce
  3. Relaxing Place: In addition to this market as a place for buying and selling goods, here is a place to relax, precisely located under the bridge, which has been arranged so beautifully, so that visitors here feel very comfortable and suitable as a place for selfies with a background behind this very beautiful Badung river, and while relaxing watching the busyness of the visitors here

Badung Market Facilities

As for being one of the largest markets in Denpasar, it has very complete facilities that make visitors feel very comfortable in spending time shopping at this Badung market. There is a very large parking lot, and there is a basement parking that can accommodate many cars, so you don't have to worry anymore if you come here and look for parking for your vehicle, there are public toilet facilities that you can use, and inside the building there are many shops selling various kinds of food needs and also traditional clothes that you can buy. It is an extraordinary experience to visit one of the largest markets on the island of Bali with various needs available here, you could say Badung market is the most complete traditional market in Bali, you can get all your needs from food and ceremonial equipment here. Enjoy seeing this market that is never empty and see the social activities of the people in this badung market

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